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  • "NOT TODAY is more than a movie. NOT TODAY stands as a clarion call to do justice in the name of Jesus!"
    Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
  • "NOT TODAY is a powerful film that shines a light on an issue we need to confront. The film does an incredible job of communicating the importance of abolishing human trafficking—go see this movie."
    Kari Jobe, Grammy Award nominated recording artist
  • "NOT TODAY focuses a much needed spotlight on the modern plight of human trafficking in our society today. This film is a must see!"
    Commissioner Jim Knaggs, Territorial Commander, Salvation Army
  • "NOT TODAY is a contemporary coming-of-age story, and through this journey, viewers are afforded terrifying, yet all-too-common examples of modern-day slavery, lined with lessons in courage, understanding, and faith, all wrapped in a rich cinematographic masterpiece."
    Dr. Ana Steele, President Dalit Freedom Network USA
  • "Inspiring Movie! NOT TODAY shows how one person makes a difference when confronted with the truth and vastness of human trafficking. This gives us all a challenge to be involved and help end this tragedy facing so many people in the world."
    Tony Campolo, Eastern University
  • "This motion picture, representing millions of true stories in the world today, can't help but motivate (or re-motivate) all of us to search our hearts and see how we can get involved in setting captives free."
    Bob Waliszewski, Director, Focus on the Family's Plugged In
  • "NOT TODAY is a fantastically acted, beautifully shot, and hopeful film. More importantly, it opened my eyes to what is, without a doubt, the defining human rights issue of our day. It blew me away!"
    Jerel Law, Pastor and Author
  • "NOT TODAY is a gritty film that will not only open the viewer's eyes to the reality of human trafficking—slavery in the 21st century—but is also likely to bring on the desire to take action."
    Oncourse Magazine's 5-star review