Matthew Cork

Matthew Cork (Executive Producer)

Matthew Cork is lead pastor of Friends Church of Yorba Linda, Calif., a 100-year-old congregation that produced NOT TODAY. He and his church have committed to building 200 schools—a commitment of $20 million—to educate Dalit children, the "untouchable" class in India. In 2007, on a trip to India, Matthew saw first hand the plight of the Dalit people and the impact education can have on improving their lives. Since then, Friends Church has launched a new vision called Global Freedom and has been instrumental in building a large number of Education Centers throughout India. Matthew is also in the process of writing a book about his own life experiences as a leader and the renewal of Friends Church through Global Freedom. He has served as worship pastor, executive pastor and lead pastor at Friends Church. He lives in Yorba Linda with his wife, Mardi, and their three children: Nolan, Sophie and Ella.

Jon Van Dyke

Jon Van Dyke (Director/Writer)

In NOT TODAY, his feature film directorial and writing debut, Jon Van Dyke brings to light the plight of the Dalit people of India and the thriving human trafficking problem in that nation. Jon has spent more than two decades in the Hollywood entertainment industry, working on film and television sets for directors such as Tim Burton and entertainers such as Siegfried & Roy. His ability to guide and motivate is an appreciated commodity in the production world. His film Unnachgiebige was an audience favorite at the Los Angeles Film Festival and was shown by Sony at the Director's Guild of America in Los Angeles and Hong Kong as has been used by Sony as an example of excellence in high-def filming.

Brent Martz

Brent Martz (Producer)

Brent Martz, producer of NOT TODAY, is the creative ministries pastor at Friends Church in Yorba Linda, Calif., and no stranger to large-scale entertainment with purpose. Brent co-wrote, directed and produced an interactive musical-drama, with a cast and crew of more than 200 members, based on the last week in the life of Christ, which ran for three years and drew more than 10,000 viewers. Brent has produced four award-winning films, including Day of Reckoning and Deletes.

Chris Bueno

Chris Bueno (Producer)

With a varied entertainment career, NOT TODAY producer Chris Bueno understand the needs and concerns of an underserved, faith-based audience. He has served as producer and executive producer on a number of projects, including The Scenic Wonders Bible, a 52-episode series that covered the entire New Testament. In 2004, he co-founded Carmel Entertainment, which was instrumental in securing distribution for numerous films and television series including Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Faith Like Potatoes. Along with his wife (and fellow NOT TODAY producer) Denise, Chris now operates Ocean Avenue Entertainment.

Denise S. Bueno

Denise S. Bueno (Producer)

Producer Denise S. Bueno brings an impressive entertainment background to her current role as vice president of Ocean Avenue Entertainment and executive director of the Church Film Challenge. Denise's career includes musical theater performances, theater teacher, director and producer, and creative arts director for her church. Denise's dream of using her talents to glorify God in an artistic way that conveys the message and hope of Christ is being realized today.

Abraham Martinez

Abraham Martinez (Director of Photography)

After graduating with a film degree from the University of North Texas, Abraham Martinez moved to New York City where he assisted on his first feature film. That experience would lead him to camera work for more than 20 movies, including Spider Man 2, Fast and Furious, and Spider Man 3. Abraham has emerged with his own visual traction on music videos, documentaries, and commercials. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Amy, and two sons, Elijah and Tzuriel. He and his wife are starting a non-profit company in Kenya where he will work alongside emerging Kenyan filmmakers.

Don Harper

Don Harper (Composer)

Don Harper has composed music for film, television, and the stage, including the score for Disney's Lion King 1.5 DVD release, the animated television series The Legend of Tarzan, and the film Atlantis II: Milo's Return. An accomplished orchestrator and conductor, Don has also contributed to such films as Jack Frost, Twister, Speed, Moll Flanders, Money Train, Tarzan, National Treasure and National Treasure 2. Don is the founder of Discovery Arts, a non-profit organization promoting the arts as a means to heal, teach, and enrich the lives of children with life threatening illnesses.